Silver Creek Country Club
Dress Code

General Requirements
This policy outlines the general dress code requirements for members and guests when enjoying the facilities at Silver Creek Country Club. It is the responsibility of all members to communicate the dress code to their family and guests, and to ensure they are in compliance. It is not possible to list all nuances of appropriate and in-appropriate attire; however the standards by which Silver Creek Country Club shall operate is to encourage members to wear whatever makes them comfortable, within appropriate parameters.
The following are general guidelines.
Clubhouse, Patio & In-Door Golf Center
Proper golf or casual attire is required. Jeans and jean-style pants in good condition (e.g. no holes or frayed pant leg bottoms) are permitted. Men’s shirts must have collars and be tucked in unless the shirt was specifically designed otherwise. Jean shorts, T-shirts, swimwear, tank tops, midriff-bearing attire, or gym clothes are not permitted.
Golf Course Attire
Those desiring to wear shorts may wear dress or Bermuda-style shorts. Cargo shorts are permitted provided the pockets are internal. No tennis apparel, jeans or jean-style pants, cut-offs, or tank tops are permitted. Men’s shirts are required to be of the type specifically designed for golf (with collars or mock turtlenecks and sleeves) and must be worn tucked in at all times. Ladies sleeveless shirts must have a collar. Ladies shirts without collars must have sleeves. Ladies are permitted to wear slacks, skirts, skorts or shorts.
Pool & Associated Area Attire
Swimwear considered appropriate at public swimming facilities or beaches shall be acceptable in the Silver Creek Country Club pool area and associated areas adjacent to the locker rooms and pool canteen.

When leaving the swimming area appropriate attire must be worn when entering all other areas of the Club grounds. Swim attire is never appropriate on the Patio or in the Clubhouse. Swimmers en route to the pool in swim attire are to utilize only the upper level walkway (between the Clubhouse and the locker rooms).
Hats should not be worn in the Fairways dining room. Hats are acceptable in all other areas of the facility. When worn, hats with bill must have the bill of the hat facing forward. Camouflage pattern attire is not appropriate. Foot covering is required throughout the facility except for the pool and associated areas. Bare feet are not permitted as a safety measure.
Lockers & Changing Clothes
Silver Creek Country Club has sufficient locker rooms for both members and guests using the golf course and/or the pool facilities. Changing clothes or shoes in the parking lot is not permitted.